All About Animals 101: Pit Bulls

In the animal kingdom very few animals are just out right vicious. Most kill only to eat as it is their nature. Some other animals have nasty dispositions but prefer to avoid a fight when possible. It would not be a good idea to back them into a corner.

Dogs by nature are hunters and pack animals. All dogs have some wolf in them but most dogs are friendly in nature. Any dog can be taught to protect property and its owner. They can be taught to attack as well. Dogs of all breeds are generally intelligent but some are more suited to the work, like German Shepards, which become police officers.

Pit Bulls are in the terrier family and that means they are high energy, intensely playful dogs. They are also very intelligent. This is where their owners get into trouble with them. Pit Bulls are smarter than most of their owners. These owners are the ones giving this breed a bad reputation. The dogs are mishandled, not properly socialized or have any training whatsoever.

Do you know what dog is most likely to bite you? Well, its not a shepard, doberman or pit bull. Poodles are ranked number one for biting people. They are also one of the most popular breeds so there are a lot of them to pump up the statistics. Also, who would think that little cute dog would bite? It's a lot harder to get bitten by a shepard, doberman or pit bull because they have reputations and you aren't going near a strange dog like that.



We have two rescue pit bulls, a male and a female. They are the sweetest, most lovable dogs in the world. They have been socialized and trained by us to know who the leader of the pack is. We have our friends over for the first time and as long as the wife and I are there the dogs will lick you to death.

These two dogs are very protective of the wife and our property. If you come up to the fence by them they will bark ferociously and they look like they will bite. If we are not home they just might bite but then again to get bitten you have passed the NO trespassing sign, the BEWARE of dog sign and broken into my house. If I would happen to be home the dog is the least of your worries.

I'm reading in the newspapers too frequently now that a police officer has shot a pit bull because he felt threatened. In some cases I'm sure it is justified but officers must remember that they are on property that belongs to the DOG. A pit bull is naturally protective and will appear to be ferocious.

I'm happy to see that some police and sheriff's departments are changing policy when encountering a dog on a call. Some have been trained in the use of the capture pole which is a much better option than killing an animal. People and their dogs develop a very close relationship. So close that the dog becomes family. It's just not right that a pit bull should be automatically shot and killed just because it is a pit bull.

My advice to you if you have a pit bull or you want to get a pit bull, please take the time to properly socialize your dog. They are high energy animals and will require a lot of attention from you. To tie any dog up, toss it a treat when you come home and pat it on the head is not enough. I see people that do this and it upsets me. Trade places with your dog for a day. Actually I think your dog will treat you better than you treat it.

Tags=> Pit bulls, socialize pit bull, pit bull as a pet, pit bull property and owner protection, misunderstood pit bulls, rescue pit bulls


 Tags=> Pit bulls, socialize pit bull, pit bull as a pet, pit bull property and owner protection, misunderstood pit bulls, rescue pit bulls

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