NTSB Wants To Ban Driver Cellphone Usage

The NTSB is recommending a nationwide ban on drivers using cellphones except in emergencies. Federal regulators, congressional and state lawmakers are taking notice. Clearly something needs to be done. Texting, cellphone calls and other electronic devices are distracting vehicle operators and causing deadly accidents all across the nation. It is so prevalent that investigators immediately request the preservation of cellphone and texting records when they begin an accident inquiry.


The NTSB has already recommended bans on texting and cellphone use by commercial truck and bus drivers. There is a FRA ban in place for railroad employees using electronic devices while in the cab of a locomotive. This ruling comes after the head on crash on September 12, 2008 between a commuter train and a freight train in California. The commuter engineer was texting and missed seeing a stop signal. It cost him his life and the lives of 24 other people, injuring 135 more.


 Clearly, this is a problem within our general transportation system from our own personal automobiles to using cell phones and electronic devices on airplanes, just like Alec Baldwin. The public has enough trouble with driving distractions in general without adding electronic devices into the formula. Until our state and federal lawmakers come forth with some substantial penalties for "driving under the influence of an electronic device," our automobile insurance rates will continue to increase beyond what is reasonable to pay. In the near future, insurance companies may require you to sign a liability waiver stating that if you were electronically distracted they will not pay. Not something to look forward to but this cellphone use, texting and driving dilemma has to stop somewhere.

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Tags=> cell phone cellphone, while driving, texting while driving, electronic devices banned NSTB

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