Visitation Dreams

It was June 16th, 1990 and I had worked the 4-12 shift at the railroad, I was tired. I went home and went to sleep. I guess I should tell you before I go too far that I've had some precognitive events in my earlier years and plenty of deja vu happenings, so I was at least partially in touch with things few people understand. The gift never bothered me and still doesn't to this day but the events are few and far between now.

Very early in the morning, now June 17th, Father's Day, I began dreaming and even though this dream happened over 20 years ago I can still see it in my mind like it was yesterday. Just 6 weeks earlier on May 5th, my best friend since grade school, Bernie, passed away suddenly. He was only 44 and 6 days younger than me. He would always kid me about being the “old” guy in our friendship. We had an every day relationship. We played tennis a lot and drank oceans of coffee at the local restaurant.

Now I've never had a dream with Bernie in it my entire life but here he is in this dream. He was sitting at a card table saying nothing. He had his legs crossed and was leaning back smiling. The room is dimly lit and slightly reddish but much brighter in the area where Bernie was sitting. There was a wall by Bernie but all other portions of the room tailed off into darkness. When I seen Bernie I went into a mild panic because I knew he was dead. There was nothing frightening about the situation. The time frame in my mind got turned around and I wanted to warn Bernie that he was going to die.



I ran through a doorway close to him to find his obituary to show him but didn't find it. The scene now goes fast forward with no connection to the obituary. In this scene my dad has entered the room. He is standing in front of me and I can see Bernie over his right shoulder still sitting at the card table smiling and saying nothing. My dad and I are about 15 feet from Bernie. There was a doorway to the right and as far back as Bernie that was dim with the edges fading to black. It was like an interior foyer but with walls. The area of the doorway had a reddish tint.

Nobody says anything, I don't know why there was no dialogue, speaking in my dreams has happened before but it was rare. My dad is now standing right in front of me and he is very excited. More than very excited would be a better description. He has in his hands what I can best describe as a large bowling trophy. The kind with a large base and the statuette on top.

He is showing me this trophy trying to convey something to me. Then he took hold of the statue on top and bent it over 90 degrees but there was still a statue straight up. Then he bent the statue again 90 degrees in the other direction and again a statue remained on top. So when he was done he had a made cross on top of this bowling trophy. The bowling trophy was a cross and he was very excitably trying to get some message across to me with it.

Then the phone rang. There was a phone in the room but that one was not ringing. It was the phone at my bedside ringing and it was just a few minutes until 6 am. I sleepily answered the phone, “Hello,” I said. It was my mother on the other end of the line and she screamed at me, “Neal, your dad is dead in bed.”



I've had 20 years to think about this dream and what it means. None of my family were church goers but did say grace at holiday meals. My parents never talked about god in the house from childhood to adult. They did drop my sister and I off at Sunday school when we were little but that was all there was.

I think that Bernie was in the dream to make me feel at ease. We were close best friends and spent a lot of time together. I think he was sent to take my dad to heaven or where ever the spirits go. My dad was trying to tell me something but I'm not quite sure what the message was. He was okay, there is a god, who knows what the message was.

I've had about 15 short dreams with my dad in them since he passed away but I've never had another dream with Bernie in it. I think that is some how important. The dream connection to the other side is not limited to humans. We had 3 rat terriers, Pete, Joey and Princess. Princess was with us for 17 ½ years. The wife and I both had close emotional connections with all three. Recently, all three of them appeared in a dream and gave me doggy kisses. I could feel those kisses like they were still here alive licking me. It was wonderful to know they are all okay and in no more pain.

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 Tags=> visitation dreams, dreams of dead relatives  visiting, precognition, meaning of dead relative dreams, dreams about the cross


 Tags=> visitation dreams, dreams of dead relatives  visiting, precognition, meaning of dead relative dreams, dreams about the cross

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