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I was cruising the internet on July 8th, 2011 and stumbled upon Helium. Helium is a content source web site where anyone can write articles. All you need is good basic English skills to write articles and Helium has a strong help group to keep you between the lines. Along with that there is a great writer's forum where everyone chats and asks questions. Somebody always comes up with a great answer.

It's pretty simple really. Go to Helium and sign up, it's all free which is the best price to pay. Once on the inside you need to do two things. You need to fill out the "about you" page and go to the forum and introduce yourself. Here is the link to my Helium "about you" page so you can see what it's like.

Here's how it all works. Helium provides writers with titles to write content to. You can suggest your own title as well. Under the heading "assignments," click on the "open" tab. Titles will be listed for about the last 5 days. Titles are added either every day or every other day and the titles that have expired will be removed.

Titles marked as "RS" are revenue sharing titles. They will be published to the internet and when people view your article you get paid. As a rule 5 views equals 1 cent but different article catergories will either pay more or less. Articles you suggest will be revenue sharing articles only.

Some titles will pay up front money. They can pay $1, 2, 3 or 5 dollars. These titles will display how many writers can write to the title. The amount of writers will vary from 2 to 5 per article. The reason for this is you will be in competition with the other writers who are writing to the title. Once the article has closed, the submissions will go into the rating system where your peers will choose which article is best. The winner gets the up front money. All articles written for Helium go into the revenue sharing system.

Helium is a family style content site and the titles cover every possible subject. If you are an expert in a field or you know a lot about a subject, that is where you should start your writing. Don't let all this information scare you, it's not that difficult. I'll even help you with your questions, just hit the "contact us" button on the main page and fire away.

I'm the kid that sat in English class drawing cartoons. If I can do it you can to. What saved me is I've been an avid reader my entire life. If you read correct sentence structure long enough it will rub off. Plus today's word processors have spelling and grammar check to help you out. As I rate articles, it amazes me how many writers do not do a simple spell check on their work. Even regular email boxes have spell checker. What are they thinking?

Part of the deal to get paid for your work is you must rate articles. There is a total of 5 yellow stars to earn. All you need is 1 yellow star to receive money for your articles. If you are a superstar rater and have 5 stars, Helium will award you $3 for your help. If you rate 10 articles per day you can easily get a star.

How much can you earn? I hear the question from you. Earnings will depend upon how prolific you are and the subject matter. Not much revenue share paid to an article about swimming pools in the winter time. RS varies during different seasons and subject matter. You should make about $200 or so per month with about 1000 articles. It could be higher and it could be lower. 

So quit playing that stupid computer game for hours every day and start writing articles. Once written, the article will be a money earner for a very long time.

Tags=> writing content for helium, how to write articles, writing articles for money, publish articles to the internet,



Tags=> writing content for helium, how to write articles, writing articles for money, publish articles to the internet,

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